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How To Repair Common Water Faucet Problems?

How To Repair Common Water Faucet Problems?

The faucets of your home are very important in your daily life. There is no day in which you don’t need to useyour faucets.

However, faucet problems happen suddenly and waste your time in many cases. Therefore, here are the common water faucet problems and how to deal with them to not ruin your day.


Leaking Faucets

Facing a leaking or dripping faucet is an annoying problem. That is because it wastes water and can damage your furniture.

Therefore, when you observe that your faucet is leaking, check the O-ring. If it is damaged, replace it with anew one after shutting off your water supply line. You can clean the body of the valve when you replace the O-ring.

Even if your O-ring is not damaged,check the packing nut. Tighten it properly or in case it is loose, replace it.


Low Water Pressure

Anytime you face a low water pressure problem, inspect your faucet aerator. It can be clogged by debris and dust so, check and clean it to solve your problem.

In addition,you can check your faucet sprayer diverter which is located in your faucet’s body. It can be responsible for your problem. If you find it dirty, clean it.

 You also have to examine your pipes, in case they are leaking, they will be there as on for the low water pressure.


Faucet Noise

If you hear noises after turning offyour water faucet, you may need to install an air chamber.

Even if you have already installedan air chamber and you face this problem, check your pipes. Loose pipes can bethe reason for the faucet noises, tighten them correctly.

You can also depend on a plumber ifthis problem continues.


The Faucet Stop Working

Not in all cases your faucet stop working because of a malfunction in it. In some cases, the low water pressure becomes the reason of its stopping. You can also check your water supply line to know if your faucet stops or there is a bigger problem.

Moreover, you can check your faucet to know if it is clogged with debris or not. In case it is clogged, you canclean it with vinegar. If your problem happens because of the faucet valve you can repair or replace it.


Sputtering Faucet

Facing irregular water flow happens because of having air in your water lines. Check your faucet valve and tightenit carefully. In case you have an old faucet, you can replace it to solve the problem.

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